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Please visit me at dianarosekottle.com

"Diana is a gifted coach who “sees” with laser sharp intuition. My life has changed in magical ways since meeting Diana several years ago.  She has the ability to guide you right to the depths of your wound and helps evoke a new energy to emerge.

Her guidance helped me resolve many core issues, moving me into discovering my deepest truth and aligning with my authentic being. 

She holds a compassionate, safe space for transformation, being one of the most gifted practitioners I've ever had the honor to work with. A true angel. I highly recommend Diana as a guide for anyone looking to awaken and evolve."  ~ Melissa Lapides

“Working with Diana has been so transformational and supportive. She has the ability to tap into what your soul really needs and provide you with inspirational guidance. 

When you make an investment in one of her services, you are really making an investment in yourself. I'm so blessed to have her in my life.” ~ Taylor Alexandra

“I found Diana Kottle during one of the lowest moments of my life. I was extremely sick and suffering from both Lyme disease and mold exposure. I happened to get a notice that there was a guest speaker on Lyme Less, Live More. 

I had NEVER listened to podcasts but something told me to tune in. When I heard this kind and gentle voice talking about not hating oneself, I was memorized. 

She said that the people who were super sensitive, have been given a gift. The gift of sensing danger when others didn't. 

I sobbed like a baby as I heard those words. I took notes on everything she said and felt a connection like I had never felt. I emailed her afterwards and asked if she could help me. I was spiraling downward. My life was in shambles, my marriage crumbling and I felt that I was crazy. 

Diana lifted me up from the deepest despair and helped me become empowered again. We rebuilt our house, we rebuilt our marriage and Diana helped me deal with the PTSD that I felt when I looked at our beloved home. I couldn't even walk in without a panic attack. Diana helped me heal and get my life back. She is an angel. I owe everything to this amazing woman." ~ Debbie Friedlander 

"Before my session with Diana Kottle, I had anxiety scripts running in my head almost 24/7.  I had been in one miserable relationship after another.   I finally figured out the common denominator was me and that it was related to some core beliefs I had that did not serve me - "I'm not important," "my needs aren't important'" and "I'm not supposed to be here."  

These beliefs were reflected back to me in every relationship I ever had because no one (not even your soulmate) can give you that which conflicts with your core beliefs.  So this is why I came to Diana.

Not only did my anxiety scripts disappear after my session, but many other things changed as well.  I KNEW I was important, that my needs DID matter, and that I DEFINITELY AM supposed to be here.  I was instantly able to communicate my needs to others clearly and easily.  Instead of literally running away from conflict, climbing in bed, pulling the covers over my head and crying when there was conflict, I was able to EASILY lay down boundaries with people.  

It has been over three years since my session with Diana and all these changes still hold true.  My life is COMPLETELY different.  I am now EMPOWERED instead of a doormat for the first time in my life.  I cannot thank Diana enough!" ~ Juliet Easton